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30 Day Crash Course

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Health care equality

We strive for improvement of Transgender well-being through the VA system and Tricare.

Fighting for our rights!

We work to secure benefits for Transgender Service Members.

Who we are

The Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) was formed to address the growing concerns of fair and equal treatment of Transgender Military Veterans and Active Duty service members.

What we do

Advocate for open Trans Military service, Secure benefits for Trans Service Members, Spouses and Family, Continued improvement of Trans well-being through the VA system and Tricare, Advocate for Trans Vet employment


TAVA serves as an educational organization that has helped the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense to better understand the service members in their charge that identify as gender-variant.


As Military Veterans that have served proudly, we continue to serve so that others may serve openly and proudly, regardless of gender. TAVA stands by to assist whenever and wherever we can.

02nd Jun
Sage Fox


Dayna Walker, Vice President of Transgender American Veterans Association, announced today the addition of TAVA Board Members Sage Fox and Mary Almy.

11th May

TAVA Responds to Secretary of Defense Hagel

11 May 2014- (www.tavausa.org) On Sunday morning May 11th, Secretary of Defense Hagel responded to questions regarding Transgender service in our armed forces, on This Week With George Stephenopolis. Dayna Walker, Acting President of Transgender American Veterans Association, responded today to Secretary of Defense Hagel’s interview with Martha Raddatz by pointing out that Transgender individuals […]

29th Jan


Transgender American Veterans Association PRESS RELEASE TAVA ANNOUNCES WALKER AS NEW VICE PRESIDENT For Immediate Release 29 January 2014- (www.tavausa.org) Angela Brightfeather, President of Transgender American Veterans Association, announced today the elevation of TAVA Board Member Dayna Walker as the organizations new Vice President. Walker assumes the position after Brightfeather took the helm as the […]

10th Jan
Board of Directors

Laura Catherine Perry becomes newest addition to the TAVA Board of Directors

Angela Brightfeather, President of TAVA, announced the addition of Laura Catherine Perry to the Board of Directors. Laura is a retired Air Force Major. Laura grew up in a small New England town and was raised in a traditional catholic family. Laura is currently living on Florida’s Space Coast, in Melbourne, the Harbor City. Laura […]

08th Nov

Veterans Day Message from Angela Brightfeather and the TAVA Board of Directors

Dear Transgender American Veteran Members and Friends, As Transgender Veterans, we have a special bond regardless of when or where we served or which branch of service we served in. We Transgender Veterans represent a small percentage of those that have served our nation’s military, but we have done so with honor and distinction, often […]

01st Nov
TAVA Website

The Transgender American Veterans Association Relaunches with New Website

Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) has announced it’s relaunch and updated mission statement.

24th Aug

Board Member Additions

The Transgender American Veterans Association wish to announce the following additions to their Board of Directors. According to Angela Brightfeather, President of TAVA, Major Evan Young (Ret.) and First Sergeant Dayna Walker (Ret.) were appointed to the Board of Directors effective 25 July 2013.

24th Aug
Chelsea Manning

Response on Chelsea Manning

Earlier today Bradley Manning released a statement to the Today Show via his lawyers stating that she was indeed Transgender and wished to be referred to as “Chelsea” as well as begin transitioning from male to female.

19th Sep
Diane Schroer

TAVA Congratulates ACLU on winning the Diane Schroer Case

On September 19, 2008, Judge James Robertson of the United States Federal District Court for the District of Columbia ruled in favor of former Army Colonel Diane Schroer in her discrimination case against the Library of Congress.

21st Aug
Palm Center

Palm Center Analysis of Transgender Veterans Survey Finds Discrimination by the Military and Veterans Administration

The Palm Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara has released the findings of a survey, conducted by Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA), that shows that transgender veterans are being turned away and being mistreated in high numbers by Veterans Administration medical facilities. The survey of 827 U.S. military veterans and active-duty personnel mark the first major empirical findings on transgender people in the military. This represents a strong sampling from what is estimated to be approximately 300,000 veterans in the US who identify as being transgender.